2019 NAPB Juror Artists’ QUOTES

BP Biennial 2019 catalog

Photo Gallery: Biennial 2019

Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro, Sunnyvale, CA, Facts are Stubborn Things, Monotype screenprint

Art Werger, Athens, OH, The Act of Forgetting, collection of the Boston Public Library

Marc Cote, Framingham, MA, No Human Being Is Illegal, collection of the Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA

Justyne Fischer, Washington D.C., Birth of a Nation, collection of the Boston Athenaeum

James Boychuk-Hunter, Calgary, Alberta, Red Sails, collection of the Boston Public Library

J.L. Abraham, New York, NY, Please, (Visual) (color), Woodcut

Keegan Adams, Bay Village, OH, What We Think We Know, Intaglio, digital, monotype

David Avery, San Francisco, CA, Das Narrenschiff , Etching

Linda Behar, Providence, RI, The Maccabees, Woodcut, mixed media

Jen Beirola, Boston, MA, Students Cross, Woodcut, handmade paper sourced from U.S. currency

Annie Bissett, Providence, RI, Playing With Fire: Wildfire, Mokuhanga woodcut

Mary Sherwood Brock, Los Angeles, CA, Big Valley, Irene and Käthe, Intaglio, lithography, monoprint

Nancy Davison, York, ME, American Roots, Linocut

Reinaldo Gil, Spokane, WA, Encuentro, Relief

Evan Lindquist, Jonesboro, AR, Jean Duvet Engraves an Apocalypse, Burin engraving

Michael Menchaca, San Antonio, TX, Chase Game, Screenprint