The purposes of the Organization are to:

  • Promote public knowledge, understanding, and support for printmaking
  • Encourage and support artists working in printmaking
  • Promote excellence in printmaking
  • Support innovation within the field of printmaking

The Boston Printmakers has provided Boston and New England access to fine art printmaking since 1948.  We have donated our print collection to the public through the Boston Public Library.  We add to this collection every two years with a Purchase Prize when we sponsor the North American Print Biennial, showcasing printmakers from the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Biennial exhibitions are juried by curators of national stature.  Ours is the only show like it in New England and is open to the public.  The show informs artists, faculty, students and the public through fine examples of all print media, while recognizing quality printmaking.  We support professional experience, further learning and promote excellence in printmaking through our Student Print Exhibition, which runs concurrently with the Biennial.  We sponsor student cash prizes for this exhibition as well.  We encourage dialogue in the print community through our members’ newsletters.  We organize traveling shows and member shows, which always debut in the Boston Area and provide further cultural and learning opportunities to Boston and greater New England.  Our traveling shows highlight works by members from U.S., Canada and Mexico and exhibit the breadth and diversity of printmaking today.  We also support international exchanges and sharing through printmaking exhibitions and travel opportunities that bring us beyond North America. The Boston Printmakers is a non-profit, organization that is fully run by a volunteer board of directors.