Melody Leary, Lifelines, Photopolymer intaglio


Rosalyn Richards, Connection, etching


Kelly Hanning, Connect to Nature, Linoleum Reduction Cut


David Avery, Death and the Maiden, Hard ground etching


Evan Charney, Snow Day, wood engraving


Richard Sloat, Onward, woodcut


Peter Scott, Job@nobodyknows, relief etching


Small Prints by Members of The Boston Printmakers
Traveling exhibition 2021 – 2023


About The Boston Printmakers Small Print Show
CONNECT is an exhibition prompted by the theme of “communication” whereby artists create small prints with a variety of “messaging,” “news,” or whatever they want to “post.” People around the world have been plunged into communicating through technology. Internet and cellphone communication have become lifelines to staying connected to family and friends, and gathering for momentous occasions. This traveling show by Boston Printmakers presents the best in contemporary, traditional and experimental printmaking, from members across North America. This collection of prints will capture the creativity of artists and document a global spirit of togetherness through communication.

Month of Print: CONNECT– Small Prints by Members of the Boston Printmakers 
at the Curtis Center for the Arts, April 2–30, 2022
Reception: Saturday, April 2nd 6-8pm
Hours: Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; Saturdays – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
2349 East Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO  80121 Phone: 303-797-1779

Bring CONNECT to your area, school or community!
This small print show was developed in partnership with the venerable Providence Art Club of Rhode Island for spring 2021 and will be traveling to celebrate our 75th anniversary through 2023. Little did we know when we designed the exhibit a pandemic would force people around the world to rely on technology to communicate!

CONNECT is available to travel through December 2023
The total exhibition contains 130 prints, all are matted or mounted as appropriate and professionally presented under Plexiglas measuring 8 x 10”. The exhibition is hung with lightweight brackets which we will provide, fits well into a space of 36 linear feet or larger, and can be arranged creatively. We will be happy to share the cost of shipping with the hosting venue. If interested, we will provide further specifications.

An information sheet (PDF) can be downloaded HERE or contact

Archived online gallery events:

When Printmakers Connect (video) taping of a zoom presentation from March 31, 2021 by the Providence Art Club (55 min. 40 sec.) This presentation opens with a brief and select overview of prints that speak to the pandemic directly with images depicting science and spores to RBG and protests, along with others having more customary subjects such as love, touch, prayer and memory. Some are hopeful, some fearful and many make us think, feel and connect! Following the introduction of the show, exhibiting artists discuss their CONNECT prints and share more examples of their works bringing us further into their repertoires. In closing, the full panel takes questions to try to satisfy every curiosity and feature of their prints and printmaking in general. Speakers: David Blow, Lake Dallas TX Takayo Noda, New York City Theresa Haberkorn, Boulder CO Caroline Thorington, Bethesda MD

Inside Printmaking (video) taping of a zoom presentation from April 1, 2021 by the Providence Art Club (68 min. 56 sec.) Exhibiting in a members’ show has its advantages, such as denoting an artist as a member of a community, an historic organization and a practicing printmaker. But that provides just a peek into the process, practices and life of a printmaker! This session helps to illuminate what happens in printmaking studios of three, diverse artists who share their dedication to and personal developments of the specific printmaking media they each have perfected. Speakers: David Avery, San Francisco CA – curiously-themed, detailed, black and white etching Andrea Martens, Roanoke VA – exploratory, conscious, mixed media printmaking P.D. Packard, Brooklyn NY ­– relief and alternative photographic printmaking methods

Deep Dive Into Printmaking (video) taping of a zoom presentation from April 14, 2021 by the Providence Art Club. (59 min. 44 sec.) Six members with prints in the CONNECT show work at Shepherd & Maudsleigh Studio, in West Newton MA. A 6000 square-foot workspace houses a large printmaking studio and spaces for painters, textile and mixed media artists. The printshop is equipped with five etching presses, aquatint airbrush, ferric chloride etching tank, photo etching exposure unit, a fully equipped and spacious silkscreen studio, including an 11-foot table for printing textiles! This video of this grand studio also provides the chance to delve into the practices of six artist members whose artwork is greatly enhanced by working at this shared studio. Artist speakers: Sandra Cardillo Elissa Freud Sharon Hayes Chris Johns Rebekah Lord Gardiner (co-owner) Suzanne Moseley.


March 28 – April 16, 2021: Premiere exhibition at the Providence Art Club
11 Thomas Street, Providence, RI 02903

January 8 – 29, 2022: Museum of Printing, Haverhill, MA

April 2 – 30, 2022: Curtis Center for the Arts, Greenwood Village, CO
Details TBA

October 2022: Oregon Society of Artists, Portland OR
The Boston Printmakers members show will be part of OSA’s annual print exhibition. Dates TBA

March 5, 2023 – April 5, 2023: Center for Contemporary Printmaking 

Thanks to the generosity of Stanhope Framers for a donation of Plexiglas, The Boston Printmakers are able to provide glazing for all prints and will place works into protective sleeves for traveling.


Printable version of the PROSPECTUS