President’s message


The Boston Printmakers at 75!

I love being a Boston Printmaker today, and believe many of our members feel the same. Twice each year when BP excepts new members, I enjoy reflecting on our membership as a whole – from emeriti to the artists just finishing graduate school, to the painter or sculptor who has discovered printmaking, to the executive starting a new life as an artist! Artists that discover printmaking bring together their individual life experiences or views of the world or of art and “mix it up” in the studio. This is always interesting, and I believe it will remain to be inspiring.

This 75th anniversary is a Biennial year and, while working on the Biennial, I have spoken with many of our members. I find them to be responsive, grateful and, in general, pleased with BP. At least this is what they share with me, how much they appreciate BP – primarily our persistence and consistency. In spirit, we are a healthy group because of our ability to change and grow with the times. We keep things interesting, and we have an accomplished community of members who share in what BP has to offer. I believe our BP print community is strong.

Thank you members for making The Boston Printmakers what we are today – an inclusive, varied group of artists with a robust, resilient spirit, ready to thrive for the next 75!

Keep the presses rolling,
Renee Covalucci