Arthur Thrall

Arthur Thrall

Milwaukee, WI
Finale, Engraving
15 x 18

“Finale” is a black & white engraving on a zinc plate printed on 140# Somerset texture paper in 2009.

Prepare plate
Bevel four edges of 8 x 11 zinc plate with metal file

Create image to emphasize musical rhythms (in reverse)
Engrave lines with burin and various engraving tools
Add notes & words by tapping metal music punches on plate
Create gray shapes with scraping tool
Burnish or smooth out rough edges or burrs on engraved lines

Prepare paper
Take sheet(s) of white Somerset paper
Soak for about an hour in water-filled tray
Blot excess water with separate sheets of blotting paper

Ink plate
Thin out ink with plate oil on a glass surface
Apply bone black etching ink with a card applicator to plate
Use tarlatan pad to spread ink and make sure all lines are inked
Wipe surface and edges with clean tarlatan

Print plate
Set roller pressure on Dickerson Motorized Press
Place and position inked plate face up on press bed
Position dampened paper on inked plate
Cover with three felt blankets
Run through press and place print between blotter sheets to dry
Clean plate with mineral spirits