Masaaki Sato

Masaaki Sato

New York, NY
Newsstand No 61-AB, Solarplate Etching and Hand Color
18 x 26

“Newsstand No. 61-AB” is a solarplate etching, hand colored


I try to depict the culture behind “language” or “letters” in a microcosms of “Newsstand”. I change the words and images on the cover of magazines to express what I have been thinking.

The technique of Solaplate etching

1. A printmaker draws on a transparency by pen, ink, brush, pencil.

2. The transparency is placed face-to-face with the solarplate and exposed in the sun. UV light penetrates clear areas of the transparency and hardens the polymer, while areas beneath the opaque lines of the drawing remain soluble.

3. The plate is scrubbed in tap water and the soluble areas are washed away.

4. Once processed, the plate has grooves and lines similar to an etched plate.

5. Print same as you would an etching plate