Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Austin, TX
… the part of ourselves that would hold us back …, Relief Engraving
19 x 22

The layers of noise found in digital video transmissions, inspire my black & white relief prints. Some originate from direct photographs of scrambled, television images where others depict an invented collage space. In this particular image, a human face serendipitously merges with the noise of a fragmented HD signal.

After digitally manipulating the image, a copy of if it is chemically transferred to a high impact styrene plate. The process of carving the plate further transforms each image and reveals its abstract nature.

The hand made and invented pixels and lines become inseparable from the disguised and deteriorated figures they depict. It becomes a metaphor for getting lost in the noise of everyday life, and how we relate to others and ourselves.

I enjoy the delightful contrast of seeing a human image made into a digital abstraction using an ancient process of mark making.