Helen Citron Boodman

Helen Citron Boodman

Lexington, MA
Reprise, Intaglio
18 x 19

I have always loved cities: New York, San Francisco and especially Pittsburgh. This image portrays the skyline as it is reflected from the water at sunset. “Reprise” is an intaglio print made on an etching press in an edition of 10, 3 of which are in public collections.

Recipe: Etching press, soft blankets, 2 plates (one thin cardboard; one masonite), sheets of dampened all-rag German Etching paper

1. Apply yellow, oil based etching ink onto the cardboard plate using a large roller. Place onto press facing up; cover with dampened paper, roll through press
2. Ink red and black etching ink into the crevices of the masonite plate which contains the image made with built up tape and modeling paste, wipe with tarletan
3. Block-wipe the high spots of the inked plate to remove ink

4. Place the second plate onto press facing up; place the paper from the previous printing of yellow ink on top and pass through press to complete an impression of “Reprise” Each successive printing requires identical inking and is not a copy but an original intaglio print.