Evan Lindquist

Evan Lindquist

Jonesboro, AR
Observer: Witness, Engraving
18 x 16

“Observer:Witness” is a burin engraving that was made in 1992.

I observed illogical, unbelievably embarrassing actions by a public official and drew my self-portrait in stunned disbelief as a witness to official’s public actions. I used a flexible pointed pen for flowing calligraphic lines.

16 gauge engraver’s copper.
Sharpen the burin and cut the lines into surface of copper plate.

Soak paper in water, stack under blotters.
Mix 3 parts Graphic Chemical #2275 Frankfort Black ink to 1 part Sureset compound until string of ink breaks at 6 inches (150mm) or less.
Squeegee ink into all lines cut into plate. Coat entire surface.
Wipe ink from surface of plate with large pieces of wadded-up tarlatan.
Print on damp sheet of paper in etching press using 2 woven felt blankets.