Anthony Lazorko

Anthony Lazorko

Mesilla, NM
Going Home, Color Woodcut
17.5 x 23.5

The focus of my work has been to depict something about the American experience, no matter how ordinary.

I endeavor to create woodcut prints for pictorial and narrative qualities; and at times I am more interested in the technical challenges. Color, composition and tactile surfaces all need to marry with the content. Visual images should evoke the “at onceness” experience that speak to all of us.

The print titled “Going Home” reflects my keen interest in night settings and the challenge of evoking this setting with wood. I made many photo studies from a quiet overpass on Interstate 10 north of El Paso. Once at the overpass, I watched a brilliant red sunset and experienced an “Ah-Hah!” moment. I knew from that moment where I was to take the image.

I use ink from Graphic Chemical, mixing Windsor Newton oil to find the right color. The prints are pressed onto Hosho paper and printed with a Whelan Press, configured to letterpress printing.