Deborah Weiss

Deborah Weiss

Ridgefield, CT
Structure +Nature Squared (study), Woodcut
18.75 x 18


1 Block all shina plywood
1 Sheet sustainable paper
Environmentally conscious ink

CREATE an original woodblock that not only inspires the appreciation of
a natural plant form but is also printed using sustainable inks and paper.

USE inks that are made from natural gum and soy binders, which emit
no fumes and do not require harmful solvents.

PRINT on papers made from Nepal’s daphne bush grown in managed forest, harvested by hand using no machinery or chemicals, dried in the sun and brought down from the mountains by animal and man power.

TRANSLATE a plant form onto a woodblock which will yield a recognizable yet altered image. This is done by deconstructing the established image and printing only segments of it’s recognizable silhouette.

INCLUDE the image in a portfolio and share the images at