Kristen Struebing-Beazley

Kristen Struebing-Beazley

Boston, MA
Big Foot: One Plate, Three Realizations, 1. Photo Etching 2. Relief Roll 3. Open Bite
26 x14.5

I chose these three prints as examples of production from a single zinc etching plate which confirmed my belief that a well worked plate “never stops giving” until it is destroyed. The size of this photo etching was determined by a standard photo film dimension of 8 x 10″.
The viewer can see the progression by studying both the solitary foot and the deeply gnarled roots of an ancient live oak tree upon which my photographed foot rests.

I normally ink one etched plate two ways. Traditional intaglio inking gives the positive image while a relief roll over the plate surface gives the negative image. Both are seen here.

The third image was obtained by brushing stop out areas with liquid asphaltum between long acid bites in order to create deep crevasses, ragged plate edges and even holes. I found an acid attack to be a great way to accentuate the texture of the tree roots as well as detailing toe nails and aging the human foot.

The plate, uninked, can also provide a layered embossment.