Annie Silverman

Annie Silverman

Somerville, MA
Leaves, Lotus Pods, and Humminbirds, Multiple Plate Woodcut, Monotype, Polyester Plate Lithography
24 x 17.75

“Leaves, Lotus Pods, and Humminbirds” is a Multiple Plate woodcut, with monotype and polyester plate lithography in 2007

Carving and printing woodblocks links me to a tradition of printmaking that stretches around the world, and connects me, through my hands, to carvers and printers throughout time.

This print has a background layer created by inking a wooden board and printing it as a monotype.

One plate of cardinal vine leaves, grown in my garden. The leaves were enlarged on a photocopy machine, transferred to wood with oil of wintergreen, and carved with Japanese woodcarving tools. Lotus pods and lattice leaves were taken from the New Century Dictionary, enlarged, copied, transferred, and carved and printed in the same manner.

The hummingbird images were printed from Pronto plates, a form of polyester plate lithography. The images were from The LIVING WORLD, from 1891.