Liz Shepherd

Liz Shepherd

Cambridge, MA
Immigrants #1, Intaglio
18 x 21.5

Immigrants is a photo polymer etching printed on BFK Rives White paper. It was made using a Toyobo plate from Anderson and Vreeland.

1 Toyobo plate Bone black ink
1 image printed on Stiff black ink
Pictorico film positive Transparency base
1 sheet BFK Rives Paper Tarlatan

Place Toyobo plate together with the Pictorico film positive in a UV light exposure unit. Expose for 25 seconds.

Wash out plate in tray of water for 10 seconds without agitating water, then brush the plate lightly for 25 seconds. Rinse under running water briefly. Return plate to water bath and brush the plate for an additional 35 seconds.

Quickly blot the plate on newsprint. Then dry it with a hair dryer for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

Let the plate cure in the sun until hard. It will change color from blue to green when cured.

Ink, wipe and print the plate as per usual intaglio process