Sarah Shallbetter

Sarah Shallbetter

Somerville, MA
Untitled (Boston Ballet Series), Carborundum Collograph and Drypoint
11.5 x 11

This print, made in 2007, is a carborundum collagraph with drypoint on steel and Lexan plates printed on Hahnemuhle bright white paper.

Plate 1:
Cut steel plate to desired size and bevel all edges with metal filer.
Degrease plate with alcohol.
Mix a ratio 2 tbsp. of liquid medium and 2 tbsp. of carborundum #220 grit in small container with a spoon to make a paste.
Apply on plate with #8, round brush.
Let plate dry completely.

Plate 2:
Measure and cut Lexan plate to exact size as steel plate.
Lay on top of steel plate with applied image.
Use drypoint needle to make marks as needed.

Cut paper to required size and put in water bath for 20-30 minute soak.
Mix Charbonnel etching ink to desired color.
Apply to steel and Lexan plates with plastic scraper.
Wipe steel plate with tarleton, then with telephone book pages or silk fabric to polish clean areas. Use Q-tips for smaller areas. Gently wipe Lexan plate with telephone book pages or silk fabric.
Clean the edges of the plates with rag.
Take paper out of water bath and bloat.
Check pressure of press bed by doing a test with scrap paper and extra plate.
Place inked steel plate face up on bed of an etching press.
Lay dampened paper on top and place a sheet of newsprint on top.
Run through press with blankets.
Let press stop just at edge of paper after it has gone through press. Then, lift paper, remove steel plate and insert Lexan plate.
Tighten press by a touch and run through press a second time.
Let print dry between blotters under weight of boards.
Clean plates with mineral spirits.