Marsha Schweitzer

Marsha Schweitzer

Los Angeles, CA
Mantle of Memory, Photo Etching
19 x 14

Wishing to incorporate a 1939 photograph of my maternal family, I made a collage of that photograph and one of myself, drew into it until satisfied and made a disc which I took to John Greco of Josephine Press in Santa Monica, California, to have the etching plate fabricated.

A 16 gage Revere Hydro-Coat pre-sensitized zinc plate was cut to the size of the film positive made from the disc, in half tones at 130 dpi.

The film and plate were placed in a vacuum frame, emulsion sides touching, and exposed for 13 minutes with a 1,000 watt spot metal halite bulb.

The plate was developed for 1 minute in Revere Hydro-Coat developer, descummed, rinsed in warm water to cure, then etched in a 1/7 solution of nitric acid for 6 minutes.

I printed the plate intaglio with sepia ink, in an edition of 15, onto Arches Cover paper.