Sheila Pitt

Sheila Pitt

Tucson, AZ
Breathing is an Issue, Polymer Plate Etching
17 x 15

Plate making: After a catastrophic accident that left me a quadriplegic, I thought I would never make prints again. With limited use of my left hand there was no way to cut wood, the medium I had done most of my life.

“Breathing Is An Issue” is a polymer intaglio plate printed as an etching printed on Rives BFK paper in 2010. Using a Wacom tablet, my computer and Photoshop, I am able to draw. I do all the drawing and image making. My assistant then etches the image using a polymer plate.

Printing: Bone black etching ink printed in traditional etching style

Note: This series is a visual diary, which documents my slow but steady recovery using techniques I had never imagined before my accident.