Jeanne Williamson

Jeanne Williamson

Natick, MA
Walls from Fences Series #5, mixed media on fabric

Jeanne Williamson’s “Walls from Fences Series #5” was created on fabric. Using fabric paint, she monoprinted the texture of an orange construction fence on a white piece of cotton fabric.

She handstamped the one inch black squares on the fabric using hand cut rubber erasers. After the paint was dry, she handpainted inside the squares of the print of the construction fence, sometimes painting on the front side of the fabric, and sometimes on the back side of the fabric.

The lines of the printed construction fence were stitched to highlight the grids. The fabric was then coated with watered down matt medium to stiffen it and to create a more “paper-like” appearance.

The final touch, a small amount of acrylic paint, was dotted inside the small squares at the intersection of the stitched lines.

100% cotton fabric
fabric paint
acrylic paint
matt medium