Debra Olin

Debra Olin

Somerville, MA
T-Shirt with Amulets, Monoprint/Drypoint/Pronto Plate/Collage
18 x 21

“T-Shirt with Amulets” is a monoprint made with drypoint, pronto plate and collage on Okawara Paper

Monoprint –

roll ink on plate, lay down T-shirt, put down paper, run through press
lay down inked lace fabric on paper with T-shirt image , run through press

Drypoint –

Draw image on tracing paper, reverse paper, lay down very thin lexan and tape to drawing

Cut drawing into plexi with exacto blade
Scrape ink over drypoint plate with cardboard square, wipe with tarlatan
Lay on T-shirt/lace paper, lay down plate, print
Pronto plate –
Photocopy image in reverse onto pronto plate
Sponge water on surface to adhere plate while working.
Cover and massage plate with gum Arabic, sponge clean
Roll out ink, sponge, roll out ink, sponge, repeat until ink covers black area on pronto plate, print, cut out images and glue onto print.