Miki Nagano

Miki Nagano

Ridgewood, NJ
Shimmering Refrain, Monotype
21 x 17

“Shimmering Refrain” is a monotype made with formica board, tarlatan, Charbonnel etching inks, plate oil, and oil sticks printed onto Arches 140lb Watercolor Cold Press in 2009

Draw the image on the paper. Put this paper under the plexiglas on top of the etching press and use as a guide. Cut the Formica board into the circle shape. Bevel the edges. Cut the tarlatan into the shapes.

Mix black, blue, white and yellow etching ink. Add the plate oil for thinning the ink.
Using a roller, put ink evenly on the circle plate. Draw the line with a cardboard edge. Repeat this inking until the texture is right. Using the oil sticks, draw the image on the shaped tarlatans.

Put the plate on the press and print on a proof paper with felt blankets. Remove the proof paper from the plate carefully. Put inked tarlatan on the plate. Lay the dampened paper on top. Run through the press. Let the print dray between blotters under heavy boards.