Paul Inglis

Paul Inglis

Brighton, MA
@ 6th & 31 St., Solar Etching
3.375 x 11.375

This is a solar etching printed Stonehenge cream paper.

Making the plate:

Photocopy drawing onto transparency. If desired manipulate image by adding and subtracting.
Place aquatint screen face to face with solar plate in a contact frame and expose in sunlight for 1.5 minutes. **
Replace aquatint screen with transparency (drawing) and expose for an additional 1.5 minutes. UV light will harden exposed areas of the plate while areas beneath opaque lines of drawing will remain soluble.
Gently scrub plate in tray of water. Soluble areas will wash away creating grooves and lines similar to an etched metal plate.
Proceed with normal intaglio inking and wiping of plate using graphic chemical vine black ink. Edition printed on Conrad model E15 etching press.

** Refer to book “Printmaking in the Sun” by Dan Welden and Pauline Muir for extensive instruction, materials, and specifics.