Suzanne Hodes

Suzanne Hodes

Waltham, MA
Genomic Grid #2, Monotype
18 x 22

“Genomic Grid #2”

The theme is the Human Genome. The coding of biological information, as revealed in the map of the human genome, controls much of our character and destiny. I have used images of chemical bonds, cells, chromosomes, and an electrocardiogram record.

I applied charbonnel etching ink with 2, 3 and 6 inch rollers to a thin plexiglass plate. Some light transparent yellow was left on my plate from the transfer print Genomic Grid #1 (done without a press by drawing in pencil on the back of the Japanese paper that was placed on top of my inked plate).

The linear forms of chromosomes were drawn into the darker red and black areas using the sharpened end of a brush. Some lighter scratched areas are ghost images left from the first print. I place the inked plate on the press bed ,use a sheet of Japanese paper, cover with a blotter and 3 felts and print.