Judy Bergman Hochberg

Judy Bergman Hochberg

Canton, MA
Deborah, Polymer Plate Photogravure from Painting with Light Photo
14.75 x 18.5

“Deborah” is a polymer plate photogravure from a painting with light photograph made with 4 -Toyobo Printight polymer plates and Daniel Smith Process etching Inks, (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) in 2009.

Step one–Image: Camera on tripod, set to bulb. Shot photograph in darkened room while moving a flashlight over subject for illumination.

Step Two –Transparencies: Adjusted image in Photoshop, converted toCMYK. Printed out four color separations on transparent film.

Step Three –Plates: Used stochastic (aquatint) screen to expose polymer plates for 1Slu in NuArc Light Exposure Unit. Tested for correct exposure time, then exposed transparencies to plates in NuArc Unit. Developed plates in warm water for 60 seconds, rinsed in cold water, blotted dry. Hair dryer starts hardening process. Hardened plates by exposing for 220 lu. Allowed to cure overnight before printing.

Step Four –Printing: Wiped each plate with appropriate color ink. Placed yellow plate face up on etching press with damp paper over it and ran through press. Turned print face up, put cyan plate face down on print. Lined up plate marks for registration. Ran through press. Printed magenta and black plates in same manner to create final four-color print.