Nona Hershey

Nona Hershey

Somerville, MA
Day Dream, Etching and Aquatint
16 x 18.5

“Day Dream” is an etching/aquatint printed on Hahnemuhle white paper in 2010.

Cover the plate with Hard Ground leaving 2 oval shapes exposed.
Draw lines with an etching needle. Etch the plate for 45 minutes.
Cover the lines and inner oval shape with hard ground.
Etch (open bite) the outer oval shape for an additional 4 1/2 hours.

Apply rosin aquatint to cleaned plate. Stop-out peripheral border.
Draw white-line image with Sharpie permanent marker as the acid resist.
Spit-bite the cloud image with ferric chloride.
Stop-out the cloud image. Bite the “inner”oval (previously open-bit, now aquatinted) for 20 minutes.

Clean and bevel plate, Proof.
Burnish out some scratches.
Re-aquatint the plate and spit-bite some additional tones in the clouds with ferric chloride. Clean the plate with Soy Solve and alcohol.

Ink the plate with Charbonnel black ink 55985.
Wipe with tarletan and hand wipe. Wipe periphery with tissue paper and magnesium powder to eliminate plate tone.
Print the plate.