Leslie Golomb

Leslie Golomb

Pittsburgh, PA

Preaching to the Birds, Photogravure
12.75 x 12

“Preaching to the Birds,” 2009 is a photogravure printed by Lothar Osterburg

Good cooks go to extreme measures to obtain the perfect meal. They travel the world, order meals from master chefs and dream of re-creating the experience in their own kitchen. More often than not to obtain that perfect meal again, requires going back to the master chef.

I am a good printmaker and for this series of work I hungered after the best. Only the best printmaking method and the best printmaker would satisfy me. I made an educated choice to order my meal from one of the best master printers. But unlike the good cook who orders their meal from the master chef I created part of the recipe (the image).

Ansel Adams said something to the affect that photogravure is the purest form of photography, but went on to say, and I quote, “I do not recommend it to anyone.”

Henceforth I present, “Preaching to the Birds.”