Raymond Gloeckler

Raymond Gloeckler

Portage, WI
We Welcome Your Money, Woodcut
25.25 x 18

“The Woodcut”
Without pretense
Black and white
Tool and block
There is no place to hide

It has been said that all you need to make a print is a jackknife and woodblock. It takes more than that of course. Still, there are few encumbrances. The woodcut needs little more. Ink, paper and burnisher complete the inventory.

The woodcut is an upfront medium. Straightforward. Every cut, stipple, nick, scratch, every slip of the tool; it all shows. What you do is what you get. Amidst our culture of excess and media-hype, the woodcut provides a refreshing clarity too often abandoned for showy, highly technical, more seductive media. It offers a centerpoint, a reality that is rock solid, deep-rooted, enduring—what is, is.

My woodcuts employ whimsical and satirical imagery. Often birds and animals are personified; exhibit human-like character. The works are essentially humanist, though sometimes religious in nature.