Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

Killingworth, CT
Alleyscape 10-1, Etching Counterproofs – Monoprint
23 x18

Printing Procedure:
– The paper is cut into useable sizes and dampboxed for 24 hours prior to printing.
– The four plates have been previously etched and reworked over a period of 30 years.
– “Alleyscape” is inked and wiped with the ink applied primarily to the right and left sides and the bottom portion. The center is not inked in order to allow for the addition of images from other plates.
– The plate is then printed directly on the first Murillo sheet.
– “Easter” is inked and wiped and printed on a Murillo sheet trimmed to the size of the plate. The print is then “torn” to the size and shape needed to fill the center of the

“Alleyscape” image and counterproofed onto the “Alleyscape” print. Portions of Riverbank and “Three Houses” are inked, printed, torn, and counterproofed onto the

“Alleyscape” image to form a new composition. Small miscellaneous fragments are then added to the image in the same way to complete the print.

Results: The final printed image resulting from this process is a unique monoprint.
Repeating the process with the same plates and procedure will produce a completely different (albeit similar) print. I find that the controlled integration of additional combined layers into the fabric of resolved image produces new and surprising spaces and places.