Jon Cartledge

Jon Cartledge

East Hampton, MA
Paradisaea decora, Reduction Screenprint
24 x 18

This process was taught to me by Kim Tester at the 1998 Mid-American Print Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1. Block out your screen, leaving the area where you want to create your image clear.

2. Mix your inks. Have small bucket of water, sponge, paper towels, hairdryer, and squeegee at the ready.

3. Place paper down, and pull the first color (it is best to work light to dark).

4. Clean the screen with sponge and water. Wipe down with damp paper towel.

5. Using a Crayola crayon, block out areas where you want the color you just pulled to appear in your final image.

6. Blow hairdryer on screen for three seconds. This will melt the crayon into the screen. Do not overuse the hairdryer- it can melt out the crayon altogether.

7. Pull next color. Repeat process as necessary. Keep in mind this is an imperfect resist. Color may start to bleed though blocked out areas, unless you reapply crayon from time to time. Red and orange crayons work best for the process.