Selma Swartz Bromberg

Selma Swartz Bromberg

Weston, MA
Bridge, Solar Etching
13 x 16

Concept: This image is based on a pencil drawing of rock formations in Capital Reef National Park

Development of a solarplate:
Creating the transparency:
-Scan image into the computer
-Manipulate in photoshop to create more contrast
-Print image onto inkjet transparency.

Making the plate:
-Place transparency onto photosensitive plate
-Place glass on top creating a tight seal
-Place ultra violet light box on top. Turn on and expose for one minute.
-Remove plate and place in warm water bath
-Wash out exposed areas for one minute
-Dry plate and harden in light box for fifteen minutes

Printing the solar plate:
-Apply sepia ink to plate with cardboard
-Wipe with tarleton and newsprint
-Soak Somerset paper for ten minutes. Damp dry paper between towels
-Place plate on etching press. Put paper on top, and felt blanket over all.
-Turn press wheel and print.
-Dry print between blotters