Prilla Smith Brackett

Prilla Smith Brackett

Boston, MA
Dreamscape #45, Water Based Monoprint Watercolor, Color Pencil on Paper
10.75 x 10.5

Dreamscape #46: content and method

My work explores the intermingling of the domestic with the natural, by incorporating semi-transparent furniture from another era with forest imagery. I’m interested in narrative uncertainty, and the power of imagination and memory.

I am a painter who makes monoprints with water-based Aqua intaglio inks on Hannemuhle paper. With a theme and variations approach, I mix up the 4 drypoint forest and 6-8 furniture plates, and play with the color and layers of color, aiming for a dreamlike quality.

Beginning with my own snapshots and Photoshop to come up with images, I make many small plates. I chose drypoint on plexi to get enough detail into these small images. Then I add texture via carborundum plates, followed by monotype layer(s), for more color subtlety. Each piece goes through the press many times. Finally I add watercolor and color pencil, until the image is “done.”