Jessica Dunne

Jessica Dunne

San Francisco, CA
Bicycle DE III, Spitbite Aquatint
13.5 x 14.5


Clean a copper plate until your wrist hurts.
Apply a fairly heavy coating of aquatint to the plate and roast—or broil—to perfection. You may use a gas wand, paint dryer or oven. Be sure the rosin looks like worms and not dots.

Block out white areas with a Sharpie pen or litho crayon.
Paint on acid (ferric chloride or ‘seasoned’ 50/50 nitric) onto the plate. For a rich black, the acid must be on the plate for a total of one hour.
Rinse the plate every fifteen minutes with soy sauce and/or salted vinegar and reapply acid.

Refresh your white areas regularly.

When the rosin looks at the edge of breaking down, and is smooth to the touch, thoroughly clean the plate and print the image on Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper, using a good etching press and impossible amounts of pressure.