Hiroko Lee

Hiroko Lee

Waltham, MA
Buddha & I, Mixed Media: Drypoint, collage, woodcut
18.5 x 16

“Buddha and I” is a Mixed-media print using drypoint, collage, woodcut made in 2003

1. On the back side of a lithoplate, draw the image using sharp metal pen to create the drypoint.
Ink using black etching ink and wipe away leaving only the image line inked.
Print on Rives white paper, cut the image, and collage it on to another Rives white paper.

2. Burn the surface of a 3-ply pine woodblock using torch light and sand the surface leaving only the grain of the wood.
Roll black relief ink over the grain and print on loose tarletan.
Dry overnight.

3. Layer the printed tarlean over the collaged paper and glue around the edges using
Nori paste

Dry overnight.