Danguole Rita Kuolas

Danguole Rita Kuolas

Cohasset, MA
Nightfall, Woodblock Print
25 x 16

“Nightfall” is a woodblock print, printed from 4 blocks on Kitakata paper in 2009.

Intent: Carve and print image using line and texture
Create depth by overprinting multiple blocks

Block preparation:
Tone woodblocks (Shina plywood) with drawing ink
Draw image on woodblocks, then shellac
Carve out negative spaces with carving tools
Shellac again

Roll out Daniel Smith relief oil based ink (black)
Roll ink onto blocks #1 and #2 with brayer
Place blocks on press bed (Whelan)
Lay dry paper on top
Run through press with foam blanket
Remove paper
Lay new sheet of paper on top without re-inking
Run through press to get ghost image
Ink blocks #3 and #4 and place on press bed
Place ghost print (grey) face down on inked blocks
Run through press