Linda Hunsaker

Linda Hunsaker

Santa Fe, NM
Homage to Hitchcock, Monotype
16 x 20

“Homage to Hitchcock,” from the series: “The Picture Show” is a monotype image that was printed on handmade Italian printmaking paper in 2009.

PLATE MAKING: Use copper plate with beveled edges (6 x 9″). Roll black water-based relief ink evenly on plate surface. Using soft cloth wipe away lighter areas (working dark to light). Cut out stencils (for figures) using stiff paper or card stock. Roll ink on stencils and place them on the plate.

PRINTING: Slightly dampen paper. Run plate (with paper and felt blankets on top) through etching press. Dry paper. Hand color small areas of print with prismacolor pencil.

NOTE: Monotype was the technique of choice for this print because it conveys a feeling of dreaminess and mystery that expresses the idea the artist was seeking.