2023 Press Release

2023 Press Release Slide Description 

Abbott, Christine
Preparing for the Next Day
Screenprint; 26”x22”; 2019

Briceno-Campusano, Diego
Stone lithograph; 9”x6”; 2020
Prize Winner: Muskat Studios Materials Award

Clarke, Jennifer
Gila Dance
Mezzotint; 11.5”x11.5”; 2021

Colbert, Evan
In Between Days
Lithograph; 22”x30”; 2023

Gorham, A. B.
Letterpress printed/hand-bound accordion; 24”x216”; 2023

Hagner, Dirk
Systemic Things: Because things are the way they are they…
Screenprinted sculptural book; 14”x7”; 2022
Prize Winner: Cranfield/Caligo Colors Materials Award

Heck, Ellen
The Bath
Woodcut, aquatint, drypoint; 18.5”x14”; 2022
Prize Winner:The Otis Philbrick Memorial Prize

Jacobson, Constance
Pendant Portraits
Woodcut monoprint with multiple blocks; 19.5”x59.5”; 2023

Knox, Kate
You Wanna Step Outside?
Woodcuts and beeswax on panel; 30”x26”; 2023

Molcan, Mary Ann
Reduction linocut; 20”x20”; 2020

Sisson, Mark
Portrait of Elle Denyer: Dis*Cord
Linocut, woodcut, lithograph; 16.5”x12.5”; 2023

Van Vactor, Saskia
And Still We Stand Tall
Linocut; 36”x48”; 2023
Prize Winner: The Shepherd and Maudsleigh Studio Materials Award