“Ancient, Gourmet,” Etruscan Recipe for Ox Stew, solar plate etching, 9” X 7”, 2007

Tarlow, Lois

Ancient, Gourmet, Etruscan Recipe for Ox Stew

Extract and add the ox marrow
XXV year old red wine
IV whole cloves of elephant garlic
a fist of bay leaves
VI owl eyes
several pairs of moth wings
one small, bitter, berry bush
Spear an ox and drain it. Marinate it in a large, clay caldron with
the above ingredients. Simmer until reduced by half. Add sauteed
agaricus arvensis fungus, river lizard, and beaten quail eggs. Stuff
quail with anchovies, braise, and toss in. Brown several ears of
maize with blanched, Mongolian crickets seasoned with pepper,
eucalyptus and fig leaves. Fold these into the pot along with III
chopped leeks and a half gourd of sliced tubers. Simmer covered
for eleven days and one night. Bonum appetitionem!