“Intuition,” woodcut, 8” x 26”, 1985

Sloat, Richard

Ginger Fish Soup

1 lb. cod or other fish
1 container bean curd
ginger root
rice wine
sesame oil
bok choy or other green vegetable
Wash and descale fish. Put a few drops of rice wine and vinegar on
fish. Chop ginger. Chop scallions. Cut bean curd into small cubes,
adding small amount of salt or soy sauce. Wash and cut green
Take a cooking pot, put in some sesame oil and stir fry ginger for
30 seconds. Add water to pot heat to boil, then put in fish. When
water boils again put in bean curd. When water boils again put in
scallions, turn down heat so it is not boiling and cover pot. Cook at
low heat 10-15 minutes. Put in green vegetable, turn off heat, cover
let steep 1-3 minutes. Eat.