“Moroccan Tea,” three block linocut on Rives BFK, 18” x 12”, 2012

Mahan Stigliano, Stephanie

Moroccan Mint Tea

China Special Gunpowder Green Tea: two teaspoons per pot
Water: Two cups
Sugar: Five teaspoons of sugar
Fresh mint leaves: One bunch
Stainless steel pot
Moroccan tea glasses or china teacups
Put two teaspoons of China Special Gunpowder Green Tea in a
teapot with two cups of boiling water. Steep for fifteen minutes.
Without stirring, strain the tea into a stainless steel pot.
Add five teaspoons of sugar.
Bring to boil over medium heat.
Add fresh mint leaves to the teapot or directly to each cup.
Pour tea into the cups.
Remove the mint after about a minute or two.
Traditionally Moroccan tea is served three times. The amount of
time the tea has been steeping gives each of the three glasses of
tea a unique flavor as in the proverb, “The first glass is as bitter as
life, the second glass is as strong as love; the third glass is as gentle
as death.” Typically the head of the family prepares and serves the
guest at least three glasses of tea. The tea is poured into glasses
from a height in order to swirl any loose leaves to the bottom of the
glass, while gently aerating the tea to improve its flavor.