“Let’s Eat!,” color woodcut, 14 1/2” x 19 1/2”, 2011

Lazorko, Anthony

Let’s Eat!
(what the other America does without)

25 sheets of Mohab Entrada White Rag, 190, 19” x 24”
1 block of bass wood 18” x 24”
8 tablespoons of black ink
6 tablespoons of silver ink
2 tablespoons of plate oil
This is a recipe for what America values, a shiny stainless steel double
door refrigerator that is well stocked. To make the print, treat a
wood block to print the silver metallic ink. For the content inside,
mix and measure using Photoshop to glaze the color in the food
and beverages. The black areas are created by kneading out the ink
onto a wood block. I prefer using bass wood and ink from Graphic
Chemical. The paper is Mohab Entrada White Rag, 190.