“Unruly Spaghetti with Meatballs,” 3-color linocut, 5” x 5”, 2012

Kazmierczak, Elzbierta

Spaghetti with Vegetarian Meatballs

This recipe is for those who do not want to spend much time in the
kitchen, but appreciate healthy food.
My favorite spaghetti, or buckwheat pasta, or rice noodles:
1 box
My favorite organic spaghetti or pasta sauce: 1 container
Falafel balls: 12 (3-4 per serving) ordered from a local falafel
Italian parsley: a freshly chopped handful
Salt and pepper: to taste
European style butter: a teaspoon or two
Brandy: 50 mg in a sniffer
Boil salted water and cook spaghetti for 9 to 11 minutes.
Buy your favorite, preferably organic, spaghetti sauce. Buy 3 to 4
falafel balls per serving from your favorite falafel place. Warm up
pasta sauce. When warming up in a microwave, use a heavy lid to
prevent explosions of tomato chunks all over the inside. Generously
toss pasta sauce and butter over the spaghetti. Butter smells wonderfully
and cuts the acidity of the sauce. Place falafel balls on top
to achieve the composition of your choice. Sprinkle the dish with
a handful of chopped parsley and get ready to enjoy your colorful
meal. Have a sip of brandy after cuddling the sniffer in your hands
before your meal. Enjoy the aroma. Brandy is good for digestion and
warms up the stomach.