“Huangshan Series: Sunrise,” 12” x 9”, multiple wood blocks with stencil, printed on both sides of the paper, 2006

Covalucci, Renee

Ma Jian Mian
(Sesame Noodles from Hebei China)

1lb cooked Asian noodles or linguini dressed with 1oz sesame oil.
Place noodles in fridge to cool.
2 cups fresh vegetables cut into chunks. Select snap/snow peas
and/or cucumber (peeled), tomato, scallion, red or yellow pepper.
Marinate in Japanese rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, chill.
6 oz Ma Jian—Chinese toasted sesame paste (available at
Asian Markets)
3 oz sesame oil
2 oz warm water
Mix first 3 ingredients in food processor on medium-hi speed adding
water slowly as paste turns lighter and mixture is fluffing up.
1 oz Japanese soy sauce
3 oz Japanese rice wine vinegar
(optional) hot sesame oil to taste
Mix on medium speed. Taste. Adjust vinegar or oil to taste.
Dress noodles with as much sauce as desired. Place in large shallow
platter and chill. Layer vegetable chunks on top. Enjoy with