“Patterns of Work,” intaglio print, 9 ¾” X 13 ¾ “, 1995

Conant, Pat


½ cup butter
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 eggs, separated
½ teaspoon cardamom (optional)
1 cup milk
½ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
Powdered sugar
1 ½ cups of flour
Butter for pan
Blend butter, egg yolks, milk and sugar. Mix flour, baking powder,
salt and cardamom. Stir in egg yolk mixture. Beat egg whites until
slightly fluffy. Then fold into flour mixture. Heat AEbleskiver/monk
pan until water droplets sizzle. Spoon ½ teaspoon of butter into
each cup. Then spoon 1 rounded tablespoon of batter into each
cup. Cook about 2 minutes each side using a skewer to turn balls.
Heat should not be too high or centers will be doughy. Dust with
powdered sugar and serve warm.
Variations: Applesauce or jam may be added to the center by
spooning ½ of the batter first then a teaspoon of applesauce or jam
and then the final batter portion.
My grandmother who came from Denmark used to make these
many times.