getting started with Carolyn Muskat Getting started with Carolyn Muskat

SMFA team consult
SMFA team consult.

AIB 1st Place
AIB team, 1st Place: Gary La Pointe, Danielle LaCasse, Lucia Balcazar, Danielle Kelly


Sponsored by Artist & Craftsman, the Boston Printmakers, Canson - Arches, Massachusetts College of Art & Design , Muskat Studio, Takach Press Corp, and Patrick Casey.

This event was held at the MassArt printshop on Saturday, March 2, 2013.


A print competition between four local university print programs.
Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston University.

To build connections between students from different schools;
To foster a sense of community;
To showcase the talents and strengths of the schools;
To have fun!

Summary: The competition included 4 schools. Each school fronted a team of 4 students, 1 faculty/staff (volunteer ). The teamsl competed against each other to create an edition of 10 prints that must include some form of relief, litho, intaglio and screen (or stencil) PLUS a bag of mystery ingredients within a set time limit. Teams were judged by a panel on quality of images, quality of printing, and sheer creativity!

• Each team consisted of 4 students and one faculty/staff person as a coach.
• Each team had one week (after orientation) to plan their approach.
• Each team must print an edition of 10 prints; maximum paper size: 15 x 22"
• Each print must include some form of relief, intaglio, litho, and screen (or stencil) process.
• Each print must either include the objects in the MYSTERY GRAB BAG or the teams must be able to explain how the mystery ingredients were used to create the prints.
• The coaches were NOT allowed to physically help with printing; they were allowed (and encouraged) to help with direction, advice, and cheering!
• A panel of judges, Erika Adams from Montreal, Canada, Christiane Corcelle from Bemont, MA, and John Cartledge from Easthampton, MA determined awards based on quality of images, quality of printing, sheer creativity and team effort.
• Each team agreed to having their photos taken before, during and after the event for publicity purposes.

Each participating school received one complete set of the four prints.
One complete set went to Arches in thanks for their sponsorship.
One complete set went to the Boston Public Library.
Team members each got a print from their team edition.



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 AIB print first place
Art Institute of Boston, First Place

Art Institute of Boston, First Place
Captain: James Mustin
Team: Gary La Pointe, Danielle LaCasse, Lucia Balcazar, Danielle Kelly

Relief & stencil: black: raised grain on birch with stencil from Easter grass
Litho: yellow: aluminum plate with tusche washes using grids
Intaglio: black: hard ground line etching
Chine collé of yellow bag & caution tape


MassArt print 2nd place
Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Second Place

Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Second Place
Ferric Bueller
Captains: John Thompson & Nona Hershey
Team: Andrew Stearns, Skye Schirmer, Jimmy Viera, Kenny Pickart

Litho: orange: pronto plate
Relief: gray: woodcut on back of chine collé
Intaglio: black: hard ground etching on chine collé
Screen: pink blend: used grass as stencil


SMFA print 3rd place
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Third Place

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Third Place
Cult of St. Peter
Captain: Peter Scott
Team: Logan Hursh, Emily Lombardo, Ian Fernandez, Haley Keane

Litho: blue blend: pronto plate flat
Intaglio: blue-black: hard ground etching
Screen: black line work
Relief: embroidery grids embossed into birch plywood and stencil
Glitter and grass glued onto print

 BU print fourth place
Boston University, Fourth Place

Boston University, Fourth Place
The Levigators
Captains: Joshua Brennan & Deborah Cornell
Team: Sophia Michael, Sarah Bassett, Sarah Brown, Rebecca Tuohey, Chloe Conceicao, and Jessica Van Der Westhuizen

Screen: black: photo image
Litho: gray-green: pronto plate
Intaglio: blue-black: plexi scribed plate
Relief: light green: background